Posts from April 2019

Hitting a Home Run

Have you ever worked really hard for something, hoping for a big success, and when the final results are in you’re blown away? That’s what Easter weekend was like for our CrossBridge family. So many of you came “backstage” to give Easter away to our community and it was a home run! Between our four services (Friday-Sunday) we had 3,200 people participate—wow! We know of…

I’ve Never Done this Before

This Easter, I want to bring you backstage with me. Instead of being part of the “audience,” would you be part of the cast this year? No audition needed—you’re perfect for the part. Here’s what you do… Read Luke 15. My Easter message will be the retelling of the lost sheep, the lost coin, the lost son, the lost brother. Read this chapter several times and pray for…

The Astonishing Jesus

Everybody who got close to Jesus was astonished by him. Makes sense, right?…His power, love, wisdom, compassion, focus, and courage simply blew people away. What’s really crazy to consider is the same Holy Spirit living in Jesus, by whom Jesus did all that he did, lives in us! The same astonishing Holy Spirit is spiritually inside everyone who trusts in Jesus,…

A Great Place to Raise your Family

More and more as I look at CrossBridge, I see us as a great place to raise a family. We’ve got people in our church that represent every single life stage, but one of our biggest segments is young families. When I walk in on Sundays and when I go to life groups, I see a fellowship of people who genuinely care about the next generation—and the challenge parents have in…

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