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Ordinary People doing really Cool Things

       This Sunday at our gathering we’re going to hear story after story of ordinary people doing really cool things. It’s going to be…well…really cool. The reason I want us to hear these stories is because the only requirement for any of us having really cool stories of our own is simply to say, “Yes!” to Jesus.          In Psalm…

A Real but Different Grief

     Two funerals of personal friends in two months have reacquainted me with grief again. This morning, on the first anniversary of my dad’s passing, I’ve been thinking about the nature of grief. Grief is real, isn’t it?      Faith in Christ doesn’t change the reality that we grieve. After all, I grieve every time my daughters leave again for college and I know I won’t…

A Time of Reckoning

     This past weekend, the New York Times printed an article outlining the claims of sexual harassment against a well known pastor of a church that has one of the largest Sunday attendances in our nation. This isn’t the first article about this pastor and, though I have no personal knowledge of the situation, the sheer number of women willing to stand courageously…

Too Small a Basket

     Once when CrossBridge hosted an Easter Egg Hunt, we had something like 10,000 eggs hidden. We had about 300 kids show up, which meant every child could have something like 33 eggs! I remember one child in tears because her basket was too small! She could only hold about 15 eggs. Fortunately we had a plastic grocery bag nearby and she dumped her eggs into it so she…

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