What Prophecy Can Look Like

     A soft spoken young woman came up to me after one of our Sunday gatherings and asked if she could share something encouraging with me. (Who would say no to that?) She said that during our gathering the Lord had brought a picture to mind of men that he had placed in her life as spiritual fathers and that I was one and she wanted to say thank you.
     After that simple encouragement, she walked off, but I stood there really thankful to the Lord. You see, I had been struggling with some insecurity about my effectiveness as a leader and even a bit discouraged. Then, out of the blue, this young woman shares the picture the Lord brought to her mind of my being a spiritual father. The encouragement help me fight off the doubts and discouragement I’d been feeling.
     For some reason, God loves to include us in building others up. He really enjoys reminding a young woman that she he has placed older, godly men in her life who are looking out for her, while at the same time encouraging a discouraged pastor.
     This is an example of what God means when, through Paul, he says: “Eagerly desire to prophesy because the one who prophesies speaks to others for their strengthening, encouragement, and comfort.” (1 Cor. 14) The Holy Spirit loves to bring thoughts, words and pictures to our minds for the sake of building others up. (Acts 2:17-18) This is one of the most basic definitions of prophecy and God wants to include all of us in it.
     I’d like to teach you more about this, give you a chance to ask questions and learn how to listen to the Holy Spirit and to encourage others. Our prophetic prayer training is this weekend, Dec. 8-9. Click here to register.


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