Thomas Kinkade and Learning to Paint

   My three girls each got to go on a “by yourself” trip with my dad and mom when they reached the age of ten. It was a big deal, generally out of state, and always a surprise.
     The destination for one of our girls was Red River, NM, a place my parents have known for years. One of the stops on that trip was to the Thomas Kinkade gallery. My parents had several of his prints hanging in their house and had heard that Mr. Kinkade would actually be in the gallery, painting while they were there…and sure enough, he was.
     My daughter was fascinated as she watched this master painter in the tedious process of applying brushstrokes of paint as a rural Christmas scene slowly began to emerge. Afterwards, as grandparents and granddaughter talked about the experience over hot chocolate, my daughter expressed how much she had wanted to pick up a paint brush and paint some of the sky on Mr. Kinkade’s landscape. All three laughed at the impossibility of that.
     In truth, Father God, the real master painter, is inviting you to put you hand on the brush and join him in creating an eternal masterpiece that’s comprised of joy, redemption, healing and peace. He loves to include us in revealing his love to people. He wants you to be part and is eager for you to paint with him.
     The canvas upon which he’s inviting us to paint right now is our First Gift offering. Through your generosity last Christmas, over 180 people have responded to the Gospel in 2017 through our church! That’s a huge deal and it’s just part of what the Lord has done…and, he’s got even more planned for 2018.
     Join Debbie and me as we ask Jesus what our First Gift should be this year. We’re simply going to pray and obey and hope you will, too. Jesus is inviting you to paint with him. If you want to give to a specific cause, then specify that on your check or as you give online.
On the adventure with you,

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