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Kyle Watson on Investing

     Last week in our gathering Kyle spoke about the uncertainty of investing in Bitcoins. The next day, Bitcoins lost a third of their value…a few days later, they were up 50%. While everybody loves an upswing, the volatility associated with Bitcoins makes them something most of us should avoid. (Like going to Vegas and betting your life savings on the spin of a…

Christmas Eve Schedule and Petting Zoos

     This Christmas Eve is going to be meaningful for you and your household at CrossBridge. This Sunday morning, we’ll have one service at 10:00 a.m. Then, at 4:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m., we’ll have two really special Christmas Eve services.      Not only are you going to be moved and inspired, but you’re going to have a great opportunity to invite someone…

Thomas Kinkade and Learning to Paint

   My three girls each got to go on a “by yourself” trip with my dad and mom when they reached the age of ten. It was a big deal, generally out of state, and always a surprise.      The destination for one of our girls was Red River, NM, a place my parents have known for years. One of the stops on that trip was to the Thomas Kinkade gallery. My parents had…

What Prophecy Can Look Like

     A soft spoken young woman came up to me after one of our Sunday gatherings and asked if she could share something encouraging with me. (Who would say no to that?) She said that during our gathering the Lord had brought a picture to mind of men that he had placed in her life as spiritual fathers and that I was one and she wanted to say thank you.      After that…

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