Posts from November 2017

Holiness and Sexual Harassment

Just today a major news anchor was fired for alleged sexual harassment. He’s the latest in a long line that keeps getting longer. I don’t have much space here, but I want to make several important points: Women, you are fearfully and wonderfully made! You are not objects for the gratification of men. You deserve to be treated with the honor befitting daughters…

Shootings, Safety and the Mission of Christ

     In light of the shooting at First Baptist Sutherland Springs, someone asked me how the church is supposed to balance the priority of keeping people safe while still engaging in it’s mission to love people. Both priorities are important.      Regarding physical safety, we have two uniformed police officers on campus every Sunday morning and Wednesday night. We…

Spiritual First Aid Training: November 10-11th

     As your pastor, my deep desire is to help you live the abundant life Jesus offers…and, I want to equip you to help others to do the same. Three of the most common things that keep us from reaching our potential are shame, fear and anger. In fact, I bet that one of those three probably…

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