Spiritual First Aid Training: November 10-11th

     As your pastor, my deep desire is to help you live the abundant life Jesus offers…and, I want to equip you to help others to do the same. Three of the most common things that keep us from reaching our potential are shame, fear and anger. In fact, I bet that one of those three probably stands out more than the others in terms of your own personal experience.
     When one of more these are in our lives, they act like a ball and chain that we carry behind us wherever we go, slowing our progress, weighing us down. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
     There are biblical tools that we can use to defeat the impact of shame, fear, or anger in our lives. We can be free! In fact, once we learn these biblical principles, we can help set others free in Christ, too.
     On Nov. 10-11, CrossBridge is hosting a Spiritual First Aid Training (Friday night and Saturday until 1:00 p.m.). It’s free and is going to be one of the most powerful things you experience this year. You’ll learn tools that will be immediately helpful in your own life and also in the lives of others. The more equipped we are, the more Jesus can include us in his work of reconciling the world to himself.
     Debbie and I will be at the training and want you to join us. To sign up for this powerful, free training, click here.


On the adventure with you,

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