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Easy and Hard at the Same Time

Abiding in Jesus is both hard and easy at the same time. It’s hard because even though we have the presence of the Holy Spirit within us as followers of Jesus, we still contend with what Paul calls the flesh nature (Romans 8:5-17). This flesh nature acts contrary to the ways of the Holy Spirit within us, urging us to take control and do things our own way.  The…

What’s New at CrossBridge This Week!

Ablaze Passion is January 1-3, 2018. Sign up here Global Impact is November 17-19th – Sign up here today! Children’s Ministry: Would you like to volunteer to serve in Children’s Ministry? Please contact Christie for more information Fall Family Dance : Join us for dancing, dessert, raffle prizes, face painting, bounce house and fun for the whole family!…

Abiding in Jesus

Jesus referred to God as Father more than any other name. He clearly wants us to know what God is like and how he wants us to relate to him. So the logical question would be: Do you experience God as Father? Sometimes it’s hard to experience or understand God as Father. Some of us may have to release our current definition of what a father is, especially if our…

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