Posts from March 2017

The Old Couch

   Once when Debbie and I ordered a new couch, we realized, almost on the day of its delivery, that we needed to move our old couch to make room for the new one. Every time God calls us to obey, he’s leading us to place of greater blessing. Yes, it may seem like sacrifice in the moment, but really, it’s like getting rid of the old couch to receive a new one.  …

How to Hear God’s Voice

I’ve been moved recently by Mark Virkler’s book on how to hear God’s voice. Here’s an excerpt I found to be a powerful reminder… Prayer is our link to God, and therefore, the most important activity we can engage in. Prayer is supposed to be powerful, effective, and meaningful in our lives. Yet many times it is nothing more than a dutiful…

Getting It or Not Getting It?

    This quote from Experiencing God really gets to the heart of the issue… “There is a world of difference between knowing something to be true in your head and experiencing the reality in your life…God does not merely want you to read about Him, He wants you to know Him. For the Greeks, to know something meant you understood a concept in your mind. It…

Superman is Coming!

    Okay, okay, I know Jaye Thomas isn’t Superman, but that’s what I think of every time I see this guy. He’s got super passion and his worship leading is both powerful and contagious. I couldn’t be more excited about his coming this Sunday.      Jaye will be leading worship this Sunday in both services and then leading Immerse on Sunday evening…

I Don’t Need God in Order to Live My Life

    Remember the Six P’s? See if you can name them without looking. Really, take a moment to try it. Here they are….(last chance to try to list them before I reveal them)…pain, power, pleasure, possessions, praise of people and…of course…pmoney.     If all I want to do…

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