How’s It Going?

   How’s you’re week going? Are your eyes fixed on Jesus or did the busyness of life bite you? I’m only asking because I love you and I want to be one of the people in your life that spurs you on to all that Jesus has for you. Remember, I’m in this “life” thing with you. I’m susceptible to all the same distractions and temptations. Debbie and I have to humble ourselves and forgive one another just like you do. And just like you, we’re navigating through this life…imperfectly, but hopefully with grace for ourselves and others.

    It’s pretty important that we have someone in our lives asking us deep questions on a regular basis. Questions like: How’s your heart? How are you and Jesus doing? Where are you struggling? While those questions aren’t always the most comfortable, our soul desperately needs them. This is why Debbie and I are always in a life group. Sure, we have other friends we hang with, but our life group is the only set of friends that gather intentionally to spur us on to love Jesus more. 

    Being in a life group isn’t always easy. While our three girls were small, we’d load everybody up in the van and head to life group together. It’s was rich and good and sometimes crazy with all the kids in our group. When the kids got into middle school, the season changed. There were so many activities and so much homework (Can I get an amen?) We found ourselves in a dilemma. We knew that as couple we really needed the intentionality of our life group. We also knew that we wanted our kids to have more than just “church” on Sundays. We knew they needed more than that.

    If I had to sum up my three most important parenting lessons, one of them would be: Make spiritual community a non-negotiable. It’s God’s plan, and now, with two girls in college and one a senior in high school, we’re seeing the harvest of God’s faithfulness to our family.

    Are you single, married, kids, no kids, empty nester?…Get into a life group. Remember, our God is Sloppy Blesser. When we follow his plan–even though it requires hard choices–he always pours out blessing on our life.


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