Posts from November 2016

Looking Back on the Faithfulness of God

     It’s easy to get so focused on the future and what needs to be done that we sometimes forget to look back and see the distance the Lord has brought us. The really bad thing about living that way is that sometimes it feels like you haven’t done enough. Other times, not looking back, robs us of the reality of the genuine progress that’s been made. It…

2016 Annual Report and Budget

     Thanksgiving is always one of my favorite times, in part because it’s when our elder team gets to share the annual report for this year and the proposed budget for next year. (You can click on this link to view the report.) I always feel so full of gratitude when I see the report each year–thankful for getting to raise my family with people like you and…

It Used to Bug the Heck Out Me

    When I was growing up, my family had a tradition that used to really bug me. At Thanksgiving and the New Year, when we sat down for dinner, my dad would ask each of us to share something for which we were thankful. (In my teenage mind I’m sure I was thinking, “I’m thankful that there will be a day when I don’t have to do this every…

Your Post-Election Life

    Nobody seems all that happy. I’ve talked to lots of people post-election and while the Clinton voters are despondent, even the ones who voted for Trump are wondering if they’ve really won. Here’s a great reminder to close out our Jesus for President series…   Do not put your trust in [presidents], in human beings, who cannot…

How’s It Going?

   How’s you’re week going? Are your eyes fixed on Jesus or did the busyness of life bite you? I’m only asking because I love you and I want to be one of the people in your life that spurs you on to all that Jesus has for you. Remember, I’m in this “life” thing with you. I’m susceptible to all the same distractions and…

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