2016 Annual Report and Budget

     Thanksgiving is always one of my favorite times, in part because it’s when our elder team gets to share the annual report for this year and the proposed budget for next year. (You can click on this link to view the report.) I always feel so full of gratitude when I see the report each year–thankful for getting to raise my family with people like you and thankful for how the Lord let’s us all touch the lives of people in such important ways. 

     This report gives us a high altitude view of what the Lord included us in 2016.  What it doesn’t reveal are all the stories of redemption, forgiveness, freedom and restoration which occurred in the hearts of individuals. There are so many!
     Take special note of the budget for 2017. As always, it’s formatted to show you the key ministry areas in which we’re investing. We’ll have a Q&A on Sunday, December 4 at 8:30 a.m. in the office area of the Community Center, then we’ll affirm the budget in both services. I’m thankful for you and thankful that I get to serve in such a committed fellowship of believers. Happy Thanksgiving!

On the adventure with you,

Kirk Freeman


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