Engaging the Crisis

     Remember that time Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead? He called a couple of guys out of the crowd and had them roll the stone away…then he called a dead man back to life. All over Europe Jesus is doing that right now. We have a team in Munich and a team that left for Athens today to join him in it. These teams, along with the one leavening for Athens on July 20th, are going to roll stones away so that we can see Jesus bring the dead back to life.

     In the physical realm we might be tempted to think that these teams have nothing to do with you unless you’re physical going. Remember though, this isn’t a physical battle–things work differently in the spiritual realm. If we want to really give God room to do the supernatural through us, we need an army of people committed to prayer. This is how stones get rolled away in the spiritual realm. Don’t give in to apathy or the lie that you’re not included. Father God is generously inviting you to put your hands on the stones covering the tombs of people’s hearts. 

     I want you to have a share in the glory of God. I want you to share in the heavenly treasure that is to be had as we join God as he brings people from life to death. Ask the Lord to go before our teams, giving these refugees dreams of him that we can confirm. Ask the Lord to work through our kindness and service to reveal his love. Fight and denounce the lies of Satan; pray the Truth of Jesus over the lives of the refugees. Be part of the team.


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