Winning the Battle

     Worry is one of Satan’s favorite tools. We worry what might happen. We worry about what others think. We worry about the other’s responses…plus a million other worries. Part of worry is rooted in the fact that we desire to be in control and we’re not.

     Jesus’ answer to worry isn’t about strategizing how to get your finances in order or how to plan for the future. He really doesn’t tell us how to be more in control at all. Instead, he points us to the fact that we have a father–a good father who loves us lots. Children who know they are dearly loved by their parents exude confidence and don’t worry because they know their parents will provide for them. 

     That’s what Jesus is telling us: “Your father loves you and has promised to care for you.” Stay close to him. Get to know him through reading the Word and obeying what you read. Walk in community with others who love Jesus so God can bless you through them. (Community is sooo important.) Give some time regularly to reflecting and listening, giving the Lord room to impress his thoughts on you. He’s a wonderful Creator and wants you to feel loved. As you do this, you will see worry fade away.


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