Investing vs Spending

            One of the biggest misconceptions about giving is that we’re giving up our money, disassociating from it. This couldn’t be further from reality. As followers of Christ, our giving is actually an investment in the kingdom of God. This isn’t word manipulation, it’s actually true. Jesus says in Mark 9:41 that he is keeping track of our acts of faithfulness–even cups of water given in his name–because he’s going to reward us!

            This is one of the benefits of the salvation he won for us on the cross. Once we are saved by his grace through faith, everything we do has the potential to bring him glory and to honor him. And just like a loving parent who loves to reward and praise his children for the good things they do, Jesus generously promises to reward us in heaven. This is discussed more than 60 times in the Bible.

            The implication of this truth is that we’re not giving up our money when we give it for things like First Gift or when we tithe or any other way we give. In reality, we’re investing it and Jesus has promised a generous and literal return on that investment.

            Embracing the biblical principles of giving and rewards tests our faith. It’s where our faith and our money collide–Do we really believe all that Jesus has said about heaven and his rewards for us? But remember, the same Jesus who promised to reward his children for their faithfulness, is the same Jesus who loved us enough to leap out of heaven, become a man, and die for our sins. We can trust everything he tells us! Let’s ask him for more faith to trust him even more.



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