Included or Used

             Remember how I wrote about the difference between being “used” by God versus being “included” by God. A carpenter uses a hammer, but he includes his apprentice. A mentor might use a book, but she includes the one she’s mentoring. What’s the big difference? Relationship.

             God’s not looking to send you on errands and report back. He’s not busy doing other things and leaving you to figure out how to live a better life. The better life is found in him and he wants to have you near. He wants you go with him; to be up close and personal when he shows up and does something so that you can share it with him.

             This is very much the way a good mommy or daddy raises and loves their young child, doesn’t it? They teach their child by doing thing with them–by including them.  

             Think of God in this way. Resist depersonalizing your relationship with him. Start asking every day: “Jesus, would you include me today in what you’re doing?” This is what it means to walk in his footsteps this Christmas. Let’s do it.

            (By the way, where’s your footprint? Post a picture of where you put it on the CrossBridge Facebook page)


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