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            Every once in a while, we hit a big expenditure for which our normal giving isn’t sufficient. We could diminish our missions giving to cover ourselves, but you know as well as I do that the Father won’t be pleased with that. The right way to handle situations like this is for us to all step up and contribute.

            Our current parking lot maintenance will cost about $95,000. As unglamorous as it is, it’s the one part of our property that everyone uses every Sunday. Without it, we’d be stuck. It’s indispensable.

            Since this email is only for our CrossBridge members–those who’ve been blessed by our fellowship and part of our victories–I don’t have trouble asking you to pray and obey. Ask the Lord what your part should be and simply obey. If we all gave $300 per family, we’d have it covered. Of course, some can’t do that much and others can do lots more. Simply pray and obey and the Lord will be glorified in the results. Bills will be coming due soon. You can give by check by writing “Parking” in the memo line. You may also give using the app or kiosks and selecting Parking Lot as the recipient.

            God has always loved the generous heart of CrossBridge. From our missions giving to Escuela Viva, we’ve always been about his work and in the midst of his blessing. He’s generous! Let’s be generous, too!


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