Isn’t time to do something?

            I get a physical every year whether I feel like I need it or not. I do it because I know others are dependent upon me and because I know that some problems do the greatest damage before I physically perceive them. Do I like spending $100 on a doctor when I feel completely healthy? Not really, but, again, too much is riding on my health for me to be selfish with $100.

            The fact is that each of us is in this position. We all have others who depend upon us to one degree or another. This is especially obvious for those who are married and is why we’re hosting our Art of Marriage Conference. Our marriages need an annual physical of sort. It doesn’t really matter whether we feel we’re in dire need of one or not–others are dependent upon the health of our marriages and some problems wreck the most havoc before they’re detected.

            This Sunday is the last day to register. We have about 80 people coming so far, but we hope to have another 40. Isn’t it time to do something? Register here



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