Let’s give Easter away again…this week

     There was such a spirit of joy in our gathering this past Sunday! So many of you had been praying, serving and inviting people on your oikos to join–it was awesome! So I have an idea…let’s do it again this week! I’m being serious. Let’s give ourselves to the privilege of loving others for Jesus. Let’s give our time and energy to show them what Jesus and the church is all about. I know Easter is a big Sunday and all, but let’s not stop with Easter, let’s keep going. If you felt Sunday was powerful and full of joy like I did, then it’s most likely because you jumped in with both feet. Let’s give the good news of Jesus away this week, too.

     Here’s example of something cool that’s catching on at CrossBridge. You may know that Chris and Juli Henderson’s son Robert went to be with Jesus recently. He had struggled most of his life with a mitochondrial disorder. In response to his passing, the Henderson’s and members of their life group and CrossBridge’s high school senior girls life group are helping support and participate in the Any Baby Can’s Fiesta Walk for Autism on Saturday, April 18th, 9am at the AT&T Center. (Check it out by clicking here) Life Groups going beyond just meeting together to serving together is one of the best ways we take the love of Jesus to our community. What does your life group have a heart for?


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