Worth Going After

     Sometimes we can find ourselves in a dry place spiritually. We know it’s dry because we remember what it felt like when we were closer to Jesus. The ironic thing is, even though we don’t like the dry place, we often can’t seem to find the will to do something about it, or better stated perhaps, the “something” that needs to be done seems so big or the good place seems so far away that we we can’t muster up the will to act. We all fall into this situation at times and I want to share two points of insight with you. As you read them, think beyond yourself to someone else with whom you might share them:

     Jesus is worth going after. The dry place isn’t as bad as the good place is good. Being close to Jesus again will feel better than you remember. Remember, though, you’re not just battling your will, you have an actual spiritual enemy resisting you–this is part of the reason why moving out of the dry place often feels so hard. As a child of God, you have authority over this enemy. He cringes at the name of Jesus.

     The good place isn’t that far away. Sometimes we mistakenly think we have to pay some kind of penance before God will embrace us again. In reality, Jesus took care of all your past, present and future sin on the cross. He takes no joy in your feeling guilty; he’d rather you revel in freedom. He makes a promise in James 4:8 that if you draw near to him, he reciprocates. What step could you make right now to draw near to him? How about admitting to him that you’re in a dry place and want to be closer to him again? (Isn’t it affirming when someone expresses the desire to be closer to you? God feels the same way.) How about dusting off your Bible and reading Colossians 2 with me this week? I’ll meet you on Sunday and share more about it. Don’t settle for where you are. God has more for you.

     On another note, I heard of a new movie that reveals an amazing story of how people are expressing the Father’s heart for the fatherless in South Korea. It’s called The Drop Box and the trailer was so moving. It’s only in town March 3-5. I want to encourage you to support movies like this.


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