The Theology of ZZ Top

     Whether you were a teenager in the 80’s or you’re familiar with Duck Dynasty–I think that about covers everybody–then you’re also familiar with the ZZ Top song, Sharp Dressed Man. I won’t go into the specific lyrics, but the gist of the song is how a sharp set of clothes changes things. 

      I don’t know if Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill (music trivia time) know Jesus, but I’m wondering if they’re familiar with Colossians 3. In it, God expresses almost the same sentiment as their song (with different motive)–the difference that a new set of clothes makes, and how it changes everything.

     Our salvation isn’t only a matter of getting our ticket punch for the heavenly train (praise Jesus for the train!). Christ’s death changes everything for those who trust him. They get to exchange an old set of clothes, tattered and threadbare, barely hiding their shame and weakness from the world, for a brand new set of beautiful and protective ones (and even these are just a precursor for another set to come!).

     As we continue our teaching series, Battlestations: Preparing for the Holidays, prepare for Sunday by doing our Bible study, or at least by reading through Colossians 3:1-16. Look for the description of the old clothes we exchange for the new. Look at the description that God gives of both. Imagine yourself clothed completely in the clothes he provides. What a difference it would make in your oikos this holiday season…and every season after!



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