Posts from September 2016

Get Into Pro Wrestling!

     Do I have any professional wrestling fans out there? (It’s okay to admit it, this is a safe place.) Every now and then the “minor league” of pro wrestling would come to my hometown of Waco. My mom never let me go to an event, but I would see the outrageous commercials on TV. One of the main attractions promoted was the tag team event. Four crazy…

The Mirror

     What do you see when you look in the mirror? Look beyond the physical. Look deeper into your worth and value. Is your initial thought about yourself positive or negative? No doubt your opinion of yourself fluctuates from day to day. Lots of things bombard your identity and self esteem. This is precisely why Paul reminds us to renew our minds–to renew…

F.C.O.E. Strikes Again!

    The Friendliest Church on Earth struck again this week! The common theme in the surveys we received from guests was the friendliness of our church. Everybody felt welcomed! Guess who’s fault that is?…yours!     In God’s generosity, he is letting us deliver his love and joy to people that visit our fellowship on Sundays. In a sense, he’s…

The End of Hope

     Don’t worry…it’s not the end of all hope, it’s just the end of our Hope Series. We’re wrapping our 12 week journey through the Bible. So what’s next? Well, after a summer of travel and missions, I’m looking forward to being personally back in the saddle on Sundays and start our fall teaching series. Here’s a…

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