Get Into Pro Wrestling!

     Do I have any professional wrestling fans out there? (It’s okay to admit it, this is a safe place.) Every now and then the “minor league” of pro wrestling would come to my hometown of Waco. My mom never let me go to an event, but I would see the outrageous commercials on TV. One of the main attractions promoted was the tag team event. Four crazy wrestlers would pair up into teams and two would wrestle at a time. Then right as one wrestler was nearly pinned and about to take his breath, he would reach his hand in dramatic fashion, juuust far enough to tag his wrestling partner who was ringside, itching to jump in the battle. After they tagged up, the fresh wrestler would jump in super-hero-style, save his friend and take up the fight.

     There’s something we can learn from that. (Quit rolling your eyes.) As we walk through Ephesians 1, we can double the power of our study if you will engage the passage before you come hear me teach. Here’s a link to the passages from which I’ll be teaching this week and here’s a link describing how to have a Living Conversation with God. Wrestle with the Word this week, then on Sunday we’ll tag up and I’ll jump in and teach. Give it a shot and see what happens. (We’ll come up with cool wrestling names later.)

Family Conference opportunity! Jen Barnett will be the featured speaker at an in town event called the Abide Family Conference hosted by Riverside Church in Bulverde. Jen is one of my favorite speakers and the Lord always gives her deep insight to share. The family conference is this weekend. For more information, click here.

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