i- Initiate

  1. Prayer- Pray the "God, include me in what you're already doing" prayer
  2. People - Engage in conversation. Don’t bury head in your phone, but make yourelf available.

L - Listen

  1. Ask questions.
  2. Say, "Tell me more about  that." Then honor others by listening.
  3. When they share, listen for areas where they struggle.

O - Offer

  1. Prayer- Ask if you can pray for them.
  2. Share your story - “There was a time in my life when I felt/I struggled with... But then I met Jesus and now my life is..."

V - Visualize

  1. Ask them if you can show them a picture of how much God loves you.
  2. Draw the Bridge and check for understanding.

E - Engage

  1. Participate in a Discovery Bible Study.
    •  Warmup:
      • What are you thankful for?
      • What is one challenge you are facing right now?
      • PRAY for one another
      • Return to last weeks “I will....” statement - Share your progress.
    •  Get in the Word together
      • Read the passage (8-15 verses) aloud and in different translations
      • Retell the story in your own words
      • Ask these discussion questions:
        1. What does the passage tell us about God?
        2. What does the passage say about people?
        3. What does the passage say to you? Wait quietly and listen for God to speak:  write down like this: “David, I want you to know...”
        4. What will I do about it and who will I tell?  Write down an “I will.....” statement.
  2. Listen for the Holy Spirit to speak through the Word of God. If you'd like help discerning God's voice, watch this video.

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