Following and Re-Following

Dear CrossBridger,

We have so many options on how to approach life. We can chase pleasure, comfort, knowledge, and achievement. We can do more and try harder. We can pursue perfection and affirmation. We can chase all the joy to avoid pain. My preferred approach to life is to simply follow Jesus, and when I don’t, to re-follow him as quickly as possible. 

The crazy part is the follow/re-follow cycle is actually how Jesus wants us to live! Many people believe God wants us to obey all the rules. For sure, obedience is a part of following him, but since none of us does that perfectly, he made a provision for what we do when we don’t: re-follow. 

Re-following is the blessing Jesus bought for us through his death and resurrection. It is the right to come back—every time. Re-following is a right, not a privilege, of every person who’s chosen Jesus.  To re-follow means that Jesus isn’t looking for us to respond to inevitable failures by wallowing in guilt or trying to justify our actions. No. He simply wants us to re-follow him as quickly as possible.

What is your approach to life? If it’s not living in the follow/re-follow cycle, will you give it a try? It will bring so much joy and freedom in your relationship with Christ. Our heart at CrossBridge is for you to live in as much freedom, peace, hope, and love as God gives, which is infinite!

On the adventure with you!


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