Worship with My Brain

As I’ve been in our 40 day fast, one of the most significant things Jesus has re-emphasized to me is the importance of my engaging my brain in worship. Maybe this sounds like a weird statement, but I’m pretty sure we’ve all found ourselves mouthing words sort of mindlessly on Sunday mornings…or zoning out while someone is praying in life group. 

The Holy Spirit has been reminding me to genuinely consider who I’m worshipping and into whose presence I’m coming. He’s giving me pictures of Jesus that help me be more in awe of him. It’s really a crazy reality that God himself actually wants me to come into his presence. He enjoys being with me…He enjoys you, too!

So, I’ve resolved to participate in no unengaged worship…no zoning out in prayer. I’m going give the Holy Spirit room to amaze me more—my soul really needs that. (Again, I’m betting yours does, too.) As others pray, I’m going to agree actively with them. As I sing, I’m going to be saying, “Yes, Jesus!” as my mouth speaks the lyrics. I’ve been doing that this past week and I feel closer to Jesus because of it. (My bet is you will, too.)

On the adventure with you,


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