Posts from May 2019

Thank You for Showing Me How to Hear God

Not too long ago, I got a letter from one of my daughters. She’s in her 20’s, in college now and all grown up. (Assuming I keep sending her money!) Her note to me was kind and encouraging, expressing her gratitude to me for being her dad. It was the kind of letter you save instead of reading and throwing away.  The most meaningful thing she said was, “Thanks for…

Making the Most of Summer

Summer has a way of derailing us spiritually. Everything seems to loosen up a little and our normal schedules and pace slack up. The problem can be that our pursuit of Jesus can slack up, too, and that’s a never a good thing. Our next teaching series will focus on Making the Most of Summer. We’ll look at ways you can simply but intentionally keep walking with Jesus, so…

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