Let Go and Take Hold

We generally don’t improve or make changes for the better unless we release something. Sometimes we have to release old habits or our current way of thinking. In almost every situation, we have to let go of one thing to take hold of a better thing. But let’s admit it, we struggle to let go of what we have without knowing what’s coming. We want to see the future now, possess the new thing now, while we’re still holding on to the old thing. This unwillingness to let go first is often what keeps us from taking hold of the good thing God has for us.
I want to encourage you to let go of this weekend. Let go of whatever your plans are and to take hold of the World Mandate Conference we’re hosting at CrossBridge. Over the years God has used this conference to help me let go and take hold of the new thing he has for me. I think he’ll do the same for you.
World Mandate is a conference for anyone who wants to see the Kingdom of God established on earth in our generation. You’ll be infused with a new sense of purpose and better understand your place in God’s big plan to reveal the love of Jesus with the world. You’ll have a “Wow!” moment as you see that God is bigger than you thought and you find yourself taking hold of God’s new thing for your life.
On the Adventure with you,



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