Baptism, Budget and the Kingdom of God

This coming Sunday is going to be sooooo good! I don’t want to give anything away, but it may be the most encouraging Sunday of the year…which means it’s also a great time to introduce a friend to CrossBridge. They’ll be filled with hope and confidence that God wants to bless them and give them an abundant life.

Also, as weird as it may sound, part of the fun will be in affirming our 2019 Budget. We’ll celebrate what Jesus did in 2018 and we’ll look forward what he’s going to do this year. (Where else have you ever been where talking about the church budget was a celebration?!)

This is also the last Sunday to sign up for the World Mandate Conference. This
conference, hosted by CrossBridge, will light your fire to run with Jesus. I know you’ve likely got plenty of other things you could do on February 1-2, but my bet is nothing will have a greater impact on your life than the World Mandate Conference.

I’m so thankful to get to be your pastor and do life with people like you!

On the adventure with you,


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