Satan: Not Original, Just Persistent

Our spiritual enemy pretty much has one trick. It’s the scheme he used on Adam and Eve. He lies. It’s the only weapon in his arsenal and he uses it over and over.

He tries the same approach with us. Here’s an example…One of his favorite lies is especially suited for when we fall short in obeying God’s best for us. Satan loves to magnify our failure, telling us how disappointed God is in us and what a fake or horrible follower of Jesus we are. (Know what I’m talking about?)

This is a lie. The truth is that there is no condemnation for those in relationship with Jesus. (Romans 8:1…Please memorize this verse!) God isn’t surprised that we wind up falling short—he thoroughly understands our struggle with sin. In fact he tells us exactly what to do when we mess up…

  1. Recognize my sin—Don’t rationalize it or deny it, confess it. Agree with God that it’s wrong with no qualifications.
  2. Repent of my sin—Call it sin and renounce any desire for it. Declare that you are a forgiven, dearly loved child of God form whom Jesus died.
  3. Receive God’s blessing—Whenever we release something, Jesus loves to give us something good to replace it. Be still and ask the Holy Spirit if there’s something he wants you to receive.

Quit listening to the persistent lies of our enemy. Take God at his word and use his approach to handle sin. You’ll find yourself walking in much greater victory.

On the adventure with you,


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