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Halloween Thoughts

I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween, but I’m a huge fan of loving my neighbors with the love of Jesus…and guess where all my neighbors will be on October 31?…in the neighborhood trick or treating with their kids. So guess where I’ll be?… I’m buying the best candy—not that generic stuff—and lots of it. The kids are going to be begging to come to my…

The Holy Spirit’s Secret Sauce

Everything that’s really good always has a key ingredient, that thing that sets it apart from other contenders. For example, my mom makes some powerfully good chocolate chip cookies we call LMC’s—our acronym for Lois Marie’s Cookies. She might say the secret ingredient is “a mother’s love,” but the whole family knows she puts in about three times the amount of…

Satan: Not Original, Just Persistent

Our spiritual enemy pretty much has one trick. It’s the scheme he used on Adam and Eve. He lies. It’s the only weapon in his arsenal and he uses it over and over. He tries the same approach with us. Here’s an example…One of his favorite lies is especially suited for when we fall short in obeying God’s best for us. Satan loves to magnify our failure, telling us how…

Calling All Men

     Guys (or women who read this for their husbands), our Awesome Annual Men’s Retreat is coming Oct. 26-28. You’ve got to come to this. Every year this weekend gets bigger and better. Every year disconnected men make friends that spur them on for years to come. Every year we see men have breakthroughs and powerful spiritual encounters that change the course of…

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