Posts from July 2018

Bugs on My Windshield

     In preparation for our vacation back in June, I’d gotten the car washed and vacuumed and cleaned out of all the stuff that seems to clutter up our cars on a regular basis. Everything was neat and in order as we headed out west on I-10, driving the long, straight, desolate road that stretches to Big Bend. By the time we arrived about six hours later, our car…

Outta My Groove

     Summer has as way of knocking us out of our groove. We stay up later…if we have kids, we don’t have to get up as early…often the pace of the office slackens some…and then there’s vacation. While all of this can be good, one of the first that takes a hit is our time of renewing our mind with the Holy Spirit and the Word.      Whenever I…

Is Freedom Ringing in You

    The 4th of July ought to be one our favorite days-we were made for freedom! The happiness and celebration that accompany exploding fireworks ought to be a reflection of the joy inside us who know Jesus personally. I’m not trying to go “all spiritual” on you; I’m trying to help us see reality. We are free!      Despite the hardships and the…

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