Get on the Train

     One of the best things about CrossBridge is we’re always going somewhere. We’ve never been a church that’s “all about Sunday morning.” Sure, our Sunday gatherings are important (I love them), but the measure of our success is how our Sunday gatherings spur us on to live for Jesus the other six days of the week.
     Here’s an example…in the first six months of this year, we’ve seen 194 people make decisions to put their trust in Jesus. That’s so encouraging! What’s more, over the next 45 days of the summer, we have five teams engaged in global and local mission outreaches -some going halfway around the world with the gospel.
     I want you to get on the train with us. This doesn’t mean you have to be on one of our teams – in fact, this summer Debbie and I won’t be traveling with a team – instead, we’ll be praying for our teams. They desperately need this. Read Acts 12 about Peter being miraculously freed from prison just hours before being executed. Twice in that chapter the emphasis is made about the church interceding for him.
    We’ll be praying for our teams and other priorities at our Immerse Worship Night this Sunday. It’s a significant way to “get on the train.” I hope you can be there with us.
On the adventure with you,

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