Wow! You’ve got to see this…

     Were you with CrossBridge last Sunday? I can’t explain our gathering in a way that will do justice to what God was revealing, but in Acts 2:47, the church is described as being in awe. I felt that this past Sunday.
     I’m thinking about Nathan’s story of transformation and freedom…Shea’s picture of the scuba tanks as he described trusting the Holy Spirit…Aaron’s comic book story of Jesus’ bringing light to the children in Romania…and then there were all the baptisms! Jesus was showing off!
     The really cool thing is that the more we go after Jesus together, the more we’ll be amazed at what he does in our lives. He has more for each of us and all of us, and he’s eager to give it.
     Another exciting thing is that World Mandate is almost sold out and not just with CrossBridgers-we have 7 other churches coming. This is bigger than us and we’re pumped to be a catalyst for churches working together.
     We only have about 30 tickets left for the big conference and about 30 spaces for the World Mandate Kids’ Conference. The place will be packed and rocking-if you want to come, sign up fast by going to WorldMandate.com.
     I’m overflowing with gratitude to the Lord for how you’re growing and running with me as we follow Jesus together!
On the adventure with you,

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