Posts from October 2017

Life in the Snow Globe

When I was a kid, I received a snow globe from a classmate as a Christmas gift. It had a couple of little figures in it who were ice skating, surrounded by pine trees, with a reindeer watching them. (Yes, I remember the weirdest things.) The cool thing was to shake it and watch the “snow” fall slowly on the scene and imagine what living in the globe would feel…

World Mandate 2018

One of the most significant experiences to which Debbie and I exposed our children was the World Mandate Conference. Every year in February, we’d drive to Waco to Baylor’s Ferrell Center to hear the most inspiring stories of God’s power throughout the world.      This conference was part of opening our daughter’s eyes (and mine and Debbie’s)…

Praying for Vegas

Like you, I was shocked to awaken on Monday to hear of the horrendous shooting in Las Vegas and the number of those killed and injured. As I watched the news, I had trouble wrapping my head around what I was hearing…59 people dead…maybe more…500+ injured. It’s stating the obvious for me to say that the world is becoming an increasingly dark place.…

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