Confidence in the Storm

As many of you know, my dad, Dick Freeman, went to be with Jesus this past week. The service celebrating his life was this past Sunday. While our family is experiencing all the emotions you might expect, we want you to know that we are standing on solid ground, confident in the reality of Jesus’ promises and provisions.

     This isn’t “pastor talk” nor is this my best to put on a “strong front.” Make no mistake, I miss my daddy and am riding the roller coaster of emotions that comes to all of us when someone we love leaves us. But, underneath the emotional roller coaster is this immovable foundation. It’s not built just upon the words of Jesus, but upon Jesus himself.
     When we–or you–give him all that we know of ourselves, to all that we know of Jesus, he reciprocates by making good on the very last promise he spoke with his own mouth before he went to Heaven: “Truly, I am with you always.”
     We’re literally experiencing that. Not because we’re some super family, but because God is a super Father. Our spiritual relationship with him is real and his comfort and reassurance bubble up from that inner place into our mind, will and emotions-reminding us of what is real. We have received comfort from you from the outside in…we have received the comfort of the Spirit from the inside out.
     Knowing that all of us either have or will someday experience the same pain our family is, I deeply desire that you have the same comfort and confidence that Jesus is giving us. It comes as we daily-even momentarily-walk with him. He is there for you.

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