Living for the Smile of Jesus

     When you’re happy, your face reveals it. You smile. We all do. Where do you think we got that from?…our Creator. Surely he smiles, too. He smiles with love when he considers us, the way a gentle father or mother smiles as they sit at the bedside of their young child who has just drifted off to sleep. Father God smiles at you like that (read Zephaniah 3:17 for proof).
     We can also make Father God smile by our actions. Paul encourages us to live lives worthy of the Lord; lives which are fully pleasing to him. I think it’s sort of amazing that we have the ability through the Holy Spirit to do things that actually please God. And what do you think he does when he’s pleased? I bet he smiles.
     This motivates me! The knowledge that I can make Father God smile in the way that I speak and think and act encourages me to keep going and not grow weary or lose heart in doing good. Knowing that my obedience-even small steps-bring him actual joy stirs me up to be done with everything that hinders me and the sin that so easily entangles. I want to say ‘Yes’ to the amazing potential I have to please Father God.
     This week, live for the smile of the Father. Look for ways to please him. Be done with with small temptations and the ways of the world. Let’s live for what matters and what lasts. Ask Father God to let us see his smile.
On the adventure with you,

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