Eyes Fixed on Jesus

    So far this election year I’ve been able to sidestep volatile conversations about the candidates and the issues. That’s not to say I haven’t been around some opinionated people; I’ve been around plenty, 

including myself, but I’ve not gotten embroiled in tense or heated dialogue about the election. Hebrews 12 is part of the reason.

    God’s tells us in Hebrews 12 to set our eyes on Jesus, calling him the author of our faith and the one who perfects our faith. He’s telling us to pin our hopes and dreams on him and his purposes rather than on the future of our nation and who’s president. Are you doing that? Are you living for his priorities or have you dropped your gaze?

    When we drop our gaze, everything else seems bigger, the condition of everything seems worse and more urgent. Granted, our nation has some serious issues we’re facing and, yes, it’s true, the election cycle may not be inspiring you with hope for the future. That notwithstanding, the purposes of Jesus will prevail. His plans will come to pass. No prophecy in the Bible has ever been proven false. When Jesus promises that he’s going to bring unity to all thing in heaven and on earth when he returns, he means it. When he says that he will never leave you or forsake you, his promise is not contingent on who’s president. 

    His big priority right now is to bring people into right relationship with God before each of us dies and faces judgment. He tells us that this is what our priority should be too. This month you’ll be around lots of people who are going to be frustrated and potentially discouraged about the state of our nation. Listen well and love them. Point them to the unchanging hope and promises we have in Jesus. To do this we must keep our eyes fixed on him.


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