How God Wants to Include us

     We have 40 people on the two teams we’re taking to Greece to engage the crisis of Syrian refugees. We already have a team from a partner church staking out accommodations for us and finding ways for us to make a practical difference in the lives of these people who’ve lost so much.  Many refugees, whose hearts have been broken by Islam, have seen the love of Jesus in the eyes of Christ followers who are now providing love, help, and hope. Here’s an excerpt from an article I read that moved my heart…

     The Islamic State has been filling the headlines for a long time and filling the hearts of many people in the Middle East with fear. But in the midst of all this, the church in the Middle East is showing the love of Christ to those who fled their homes. Muslims in the Middle East are turning to Jesus in unprecedented numbers. Here’s a good example…

     We meet with Amir, Rasha and their two children, who fled from Homs. Proof of the extraordinary change lies in her arms sleeping —a five month old baby girl with the very Christian name Christina.

     “Since 2012, we have been living in a tent,” Amir shares. “It is not an easy life. About a year ago my wife’s mother was killed by a sniper when she went out to have some fresh air. My wife’s brother was killed on his way home.”

The life of this family was and is still hard, but recently they found light in their life. “About three months ago, I was given a vision…”  (Click here to read the rest.)


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