Don’t Let Up!

      I can’t wait to see you this Sunday and share some of what the Lord did and how he included us in his Easter work. He’s so generous to us! I was really surprised by how many people joined us Sunday–so many guests! I was even more amazed at how our church served and loved those who came. We were all on the same team, going for the same goal–I loved it!

With Resurrection Sunday now past, the only thing left is for us to live it out. 1700 people came and heard the gospel and we know for a fact that Satan wants it to end there. He wants people to “check the box” that they went to church on Easter Sunday…he definitely doesn’t want them to come back. That’s why, more than ever, we need to reach out and love those who came. Make an effort this week to touch base with someone you invited to Easter and invite them back for this Sunday. 

Jesus went above and beyond to reveal his love to us. Let’s do the same with those in our Oikos. I hope you can make it this Sunday yourself, so you can be part of our post Easter celebration.


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