Included and 3% Cashback

            What’s our theme this Christmas?…”Jesus, include me!” Just today I was meeting a couple of guys for discipleship at North Central Baptist Hospital lobby (why that location is another story). I arrived first and while I was waiting a medical professional sits down one seat over from mine. There were like 50 other places he could’ve sat, but that’s the chair he chose. Well…I say “Good morning” and the next thing you know we’re chatting away about his recent marriage and how he’s commuting from a city five hours away and going home only on the weekends.

            Long story short when the other guys show up, we all four start talking like we’ve been friends for years. At one point, I tell him we meet for a Bible study each week and I ask if we can pray a blessing over his new marriage and the hard commute he’s got. He was so grateful when we prayed, it was obvious. But the cool stuff didn’t end there…we invited him to our life group Christmas party tomorrow night…and we think he’s going to come! Sometimes Jesus includes us in such obvious ways that we would have to duck to miss them.

            Here’s another cool way to be included…Amazon has a cashback deal for non-profits. Go to Amazon using the link below and they’ll give CrossBridge 3% of the purchase. You still get your regular reward points and can still use Amazon Prime. Just go to the site through the link–that’s it! Bookmark this link or save it to your desktop. Whether it’s Christmas gifts or toilet paper–it’s 3% back!



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