Prophecy and Tongues

     I’ve got some pastor friends who, upon hearing about my preaching on 1 Cor. 14, might ask, “Are you crazy!?” They’d probably rather teach on tithing and lust (two other crowd favorites…just kidding).

     One thing I’ve come to find great comfort in is simply teaching verse by verse through several consecutive chapters of Scripture. Inevitably, many issues considered controversial take on greater unity when taught within their context. After all, God is passionate about wanting unity within his body. While preaching this way can still result in two people having different interpretations of difficult passages, the biblical authors, inspired by the Holy Spirit, almost always wrap these issues within a blanket of love and a focus on Jesus. It’s really quite amazing how we can maintain unity even in disagreement when we make Christ and love our overarching goals.

    As we’ve been studying through 1 Cor. 12-14 these last few weeks, perhaps you’ve seen Scripture challenge your tradition or experience (God loves to do this.) In my own study, I often hear the Holy Spirit asking, “Kirk, will you trust my Word fully and trust Me to work all things in accordance with My will?” When we say “Yes” to that question, we may find ourselves learning certain things all over again or we may have to release some past hurts to the Lord. Ultimately God wants us to embrace his Word and Spirit as our authority. What a powerful process! What a gentle and patient God!

     In preparation for Sunday, read through 1 Cor. 12-14. Be prepared to dive in with me. We’ll focus on New Testament prophecy in the service and then have a Q&A on other issues including the gift of tongues on Tuesday, May 19 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in Building A.


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