Reminded Again of What Really Matters

     What really matters? There are a lot of things that come to mind including family, security, and other important things. This past week I was reminded with clarity the one thing that matters most when 11 people–some in our service and others in Reynosa–decided to trust in Jesus to make them right with God.

     Some of those people will likely live the rest of their lives in the relative affluence of north San Antonio while others may continue to live in some of the most destitute conditions in the world, yet both groups are now co-heirs with Christ, children of the One True God.

     In fact, those in the poverty of the Reynosa colonia are vastly wealthier than any who live in north San Antonio without a savior. It was Jesus who clarified for us that earthly treasures are fleeting and that we should, instead, direct our lives to gathering treasure that is stored in heaven. One who trusted in Christ as savior this week doesn’t have long left to live in their physical body and yet, has vastly more life ahead of them than the youngest, most healthy person who has no savior.

     This is what matters: people receiving Christ the Savior. Which leads me to ask myself: How will I direct my life to this purpose? How will this most important of priorities impact how I spend my time, invest my money, and what I hope for in the future? In this season of heightened acceptance of spiritual things, how will I love others for the sake of the One who saved me?

    One thing Debbie and I have decided this year is that we will give at least the same amount of money to the First Gift Missions Offering as we spend buying gifts for our family. Where is the money coming from? Honestly, out of savings we had planned for other things. But considering even just the 11 people who’ve been saved this week alone, how can we not give generously? 

     If our church doesn’t go into the colonia of Reynosa and the prisons through Kairos…if we don’t support the training of pastors in India and provide a summer camp for young Romanians with AIDS…how will these people hear of the Savior? We’re seeking to raise $125,000–every penny of which goes toward revealing Christ the Savior. We’re just starting the journey of our First Gift collection and so far we have just over $4,000. We still have a long way to go, but as we pray and obey what the Lord tells each of us to give, he’ll reveal his glory and faithfulness–and we’ll be right there to see it.

    There’s not another group of people I’d rather run with while following Jesus. You spur me on and encourage me to which I’m grateful.




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