Norman Rockwell was a Liar

    Okay, okay, maybe my title is a little harsh and, in reality, I’m not calling Rockwell a liar, but let’s be honest…the holidays don’t actually look anything like the idealism represented in his paintings. We might wish they looked like that, and maybe you experience glimpses of that picture perfect scene, but noticeably absent from his Thanksgiving and Christmas paintings is any sense of relational conflict, the stress of finances and debt, and the sheer exhaustion that comes from trying to make sure make everybody is happy. On top of this, the holidays have a unique power to renew the deep pain that some feel from past hurts, or the sense of loss we feel over the death of special ones in our lives (Maybe Rockwell kept all those paintings hidden away.)

     In our new teaching series, Battlestations! Preparing for the Holidays, we’re going to explore what the Bible says about some of these issues, and how the Lord guides us to live with and respond to people. We’re all likely to be spending more time with family and extended family over the next couple of months. Let’s prepare now for what may prove to be challenging times. Remember, God’s desire is for unity and joy. He promises that his Spirit will both direct and empower us to make this the reality. I hope you join us for this series over the next three weeks and then the next series leading up to Christmas, Celebrate the Birth of the King.



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