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I Voted Today

    Today I voted and I as I stood in line for close to an hour, I looked at people ahead of me and behind me and I was thankful. I was thankful that I could do what I was doing without fear of retribution or antagonism. Even though there were people voting differently than me, a group of eight of us talked together about life for most of the time we were together in…

Eyes Fixed on Jesus

    So far this election year I’ve been able to sidestep volatile conversations about the candidates and the issues. That’s not to say I haven’t been around some opinionated people; I’ve been around plenty,  including myself, but I’ve not gotten embroiled in tense or heated dialogue about the election. Hebrews 12 is part of the reason.    …

Jesus For President

     One time some religious leader types were trying to trap Jesus by presenting him a challenging question, “Should the Jews pay taxes?” If Jesus answers, “No,” then the Herodians (puppets of the Roman Empire) would arrest him for treason. If Jesus answers, “Yes,” then Jesus is discredited among the Jews by subjugating himself to the…

Know My Heart

     One of God’s most generous gifts to me is including me in your spiritual growth. I know I’m just one of God’s many assistants, but it’s such a sweet privilege to get to walk alongside you and your household as we follow Jesus. I want to lead humbly and to serve well.      At CrossBridge, we’re not following me or any other pastor.…

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