In 2018, I resolve…

     In 2018, I resolve to fight worry every time. I will give it no quarter in 2018. When it emerges in my mind, I will not tolerate its taking the steering wheel of my “mental bus” and driving me around in useless, anxious circles. I will be watchful for the way that worry creeps up on me, luring me to compare myself with others. Comparison is the fertile soil for worry’s toxic fruit. Comparison always steals joy. I won’t walk that path.

     The big question is: How? How can I make good on this resolution? It sure sounds strong and admirable as I’m writing, but how can I live it out when the rubber meets the road? There’s really only one way. It’s simple, but when I need it the most, it’s the hardest thing to do…Renew my mind with the Truth.
     The beginning and end of spiritual warfare is renewing my mind with the Truth and declaring it. I remind myself daily-even moment by moment-of what Jesus has said is true. I memorize scripture (Zeph. 3:17, Isaiah 30:15, Eph. 6:10) and declare it out loud. I pray on the armor of God. I schedule listening time with the Holy Spirit and Scripture (If I don’t schedule it, it doesn’t happen consistently.)
     I resolve to not fight worry by trying to stay busy or by binge watching Netflix. I won’t self medicate or distract myself in some other way. Worry is a spiritual fight and has to be fought with spiritual weapons-the Truth.
     The most wonderful thing about the Truth is that it isn’t a thing, it’s a person-Jesus himself. The more I renew my mind, the closer I feel to him. I’m not really fighting the battle alone-in one sense, I’m not fighting it at all-I’m staying close to him, hiding behind him, letting him fight for me. He’s the Mighty Warrior who fights on my behalf. With this strategy, worry doesn’t have a chance.
On the adventure with you,

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