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Racers, Start Your Engines!

This Sunday we start our walk through the book of John. I’ve been rereading it and am super pumped about what the Lord wants to say to us. I’m always amazed at how every time I get content with where I am with the Lord, he reveals that he has even more for me…and for you, too! Our enemy loves to make make much of our shortcomings; he wants us to feel…

Boat Crash Survival

I got this email from Jason Phillips, a CrossBridger, who survived a night time boating accident when his boat ran aground and he was hurled out of it. He gave me permission to share it. Good morning Pastor Kirk: Your message last Sunday stirred so many emotions from my accident.  As you were going through the part about building your house on a foundation of Christ vs…

John Knows Jesus

Out of all of Jesus’ disciples, John might have known him best of all. You can see it in the way John writes and in the confidence that John has in being loved by Jesus. John just got it.     On May 21, we’re starting a 13-week series that will carry us through the summer to the start of school. It’s called Walking with Jesus and it’ll take through…

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