Spiritual Boot Camp

Spiritual Boot Camp

This is a set of scriptures that focus on seven of the core foundations of the Faith.  What does it look like to follow Jesus, become more like Him, and partner with Him in His work in the world. On the left side, are all the disciple weekly lessons beginning with an Introduction that describes the goal.  On the right, are all the Disciplemaker guides as you lead someone through this.  The value will come in the process, so grow in your knowledge, but grow most in your relationship with Jesus.  It’s all about relationship!

Boot Camp Intro
Boot Camp Intro Guide

I. Assurance of Salvation
Boot Camp 1 - Assurance of Salvation

II. Devotional Life
Boot Camp 2 - Devotional Life

III. The Church
Boot Camp 3 - The Church

IV. The Father Heart of God
Boot Camp 4 - The Father Heart of God

V. The Holy Spirit
Boot Camp 5 - The Holy Spirit

VI. Growing Christ Like
Boot Camp 6 - GrowingChrist Like

VII. The Great Commission
Boot Camp 7 - The Great Commission

Boot Camp Intro - Discipler Guide
Boot Camp Intro - Discipler Guide

I. Assurance of Salvation - Discipler Guide
Boot Camp 1 - Discipler Guide

II. Devotional Life - Discipler Guide
Boot Camp 2 - Discipler Guide

III. The Church - Discipler Guide
Boot Camp 3 - Discipler Guide

IV. The Father Heart of God - Discipler Guide
Boot Camp 4 - Discipler Guide

V. The Holy Spirit - Discipler Guide
Boot Camp 5 - Discipler Guide

VI. Growing Christ Like - Discipler Guide
Boot Camp 6 - Discipler Guide

VII. The Great Commission - Discipler Guide
Boot Camp 7 - Discipler Guide

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