Janice Nork

janice nork

As Hospitality Coordinator, Janice coordinates volunteers for hospitality services including any Sunday meeting or event requiring refreshments and provides meals throughout the week for various ministries, As Reservation Coordinator, she rents out, coordinates, and supervises the campus for church members and non-members who need a location to rent for an event, wedding, or memorial.

Prior to coming on staff, Janice worked as a computer programmer for Siemens Rolm company and was the lead programmer for the first PhoneMail system in 1989-1992. She retired to stay home with her daughter, and then homeschooled her three girls for the next 25 years before moving to Texas in June 2018. In Texas, she was a nanny and caregiver for a special needs child.

Janice graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Computer Science. She and her husband Tom have three daughters: Kristina, Stephanie and Maggie, and two grandchildren. Janice loves organizing just about anything and helping others with this task. She enjoys potatoes any way you make them and makes a great guacamole!

Production Lead
Josh Boren
Administrative Assistant to the Lead Pastor
Karen Staskavage

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