Matt Erbaugh

matt erbaugh, staff

As Pastor of Spiritual Formation, Matt is responsible for the continued spiritual growth + development of the church. Matt oversees our volunteer teams and ministries like Freedom Prayer and Prophetic Ministry. Before coming on staff, Matt worked in education, as both a teacher and a principal at San Antonio Christian School. He also worked with George W. Bush both while he was governor of Texas and president of the United States. Matt attended the University of Texas in Austin and majored in government. He has a Master’s in Christian Studies from Luther Rice Seminary and a Master’s in Educational Leadership from UTSA. 

Matt is married to Brittany, who is also on staff. They parent three precious girls: Lily, Rosie, and Marigold. In his spare time, he likes to live like a hobbit by reading, gardening, and being merry.

Student & Family Pastor / Executive Producer
Chris Dillashaw
Glocal Missions Pastor
Shawn Sullivan

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